WELCOME TO ZUG, switzerland

Despite Zug’s tranquil and unassuming nature, it is in fact one of the economic powerhouses of Switzerland. Zug is characterized in Switzerland by it’s long-term financial and political stability and it’s economic success is founded upon a long-term development strategy. With a population of around just 30,000 inhabitants, Zug’s status as being one of the world’s lowest tax jurisdictions have led to many companies relocating to Zug, where there are now also around 30,000 companies domiciled here as well.

A thriving economic hub in it’s own right, Zug is also next door to Zurich and is a preferred residential choice for many who are looking to benefit from an ideal life-work balance. Zug is a global trading hub. As crude oil or refined product, around 3% of the entire world’s petrol is traded through Zug and it’s neighboring town of Baar. In addition to this, very few of the worlds, clocks, computers or cars would work properly without the metals that are traded here. Zug is also at the forefront in the development of blockchain technology, which is set to revolutionize the online world and most industries who use it.

Switzerland’s financial sector is of significant importance to the national economy, employing about 6% of the total workforce and accounting for 10% of economic output. As a financial centre, Switzerland manages assets totalling around CHF 5,600 billion, with roughly two-thirds of this invested in equities and funds. Of this, around half of these assets are owned by foreign investors. Switzerland is the world leader in cross-border private banking with a domineering market share of 25%. Added to this is a large and international base with approximately 2,000 institutional investors. There are around 480 banks and insurance companies and around 1,800 pension schemes operating in Switzerland. The strong position of Switzerland’s banks and insurers in the financial market makes it easy for companies to engage in dialogue and networking with the investor community both nationally and internationally.



– World-leading financial centre (world’s 6th and continental Europe’s 1st)

– Capital-rich and an international investor base

– Banks with high placement power

– Efficient capital-raising thanks to excellent networking and personal support