Luxury Property

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DEFOES’s luxury property program is focused on executing high-end property acquisitions within exclusive developments that are located within thriving social and economic communities. We are uniquely positioned to maximize the value of our strategic property acquisitions in order to provide high-end rental incomes and long-term capital growth.

Property is by far the world’s safest asset class. Unlike many digital forms of trading, property is an asset that you can see and touch. It’s value is always fully transparent, easily monitored and it’s value is heavily sheltered from the large swings of volatility that digital markets are prone to. Property is regarded as a safe and reliable wealth preservation vehicle and a long-term asset holding strategy. The key to successful property investing is to buy wisely in terms of location and price and to hold for the long term.

DEFOES’s property acquisition portfolio is primarily centered around the areas of London, New York, Miami, Paris, Monaco, Helsinki and the Switzerland. Each location offers a market that is both high in demand and low in supply, driving an ideal economic climate that fosters strong, steady and reliable growth.