DEFOES can facilitate institutional acquisitions within the soft and hard commodity markets.

With population growth, the rise of the middle classes throughout the developing world, the subsequent growth in consumption and the increase in demand that is being placed upon the supply of many commodities, the commodities sector is awash with opportunities. We purchase wholesale commodity acquisitions on a commercial scale, helping to satisfy the world’s rising demands for a range of products from food grains, natural materials, vegetable oil seeds, coffee and sugar, along with a range of natural-based and ethical product sources within an ever growing organic and ecological consumer market.

We are great believers that downturn and volatility presents key moments for opportunity, where profit is maximized through being patient and taking advantage of when markets are down. Besides groundnut oil, the majority of vegetable oil seeds including coconut oil, cottonseed oil and sunflower oil have experienced a decrease of -42.8%, -28.4% and -12% respectively. The downturn throughout the commodities market is presenting opportunity for growth. Sugar is at it’s lowest point since 2015, tea has declined and coffee is also on a downward trend. Many metals such as copper, zinc, nickel and iron ore are also down.

As recession looms, it is historically clear that as stock markets fall, currencies falter and when general signs of economic downturn appear, hard tangible assets such as gold becomes a primary go-to asset for those who look to hedge against economic uncertainty. Whatever the sector, DEFOES can help with securing institutional commodity acquisitions that satisfy commercial scale demands, along with facilitating delivery to market.