Clean energy

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Through DEFOES’' renewable energy strategy, our objective is to support and to accelerate the growth of global power generation that is derived from clean and renewable energy sources.

Rising populations, urban migration, a continuing growth of middle classes throughout the developing world and the subsequent increase in consumption levels are presenting increasing challenges to the world’s economy. DEFOES are committed to being a part of the transition towards developing an economy that is 100% driven by clean energy. We are now sitting at a crucial point in history where we need to advance beyond the use of fossil fuels and to create a safe and stable climate for present and future generations to come.

Since 2004 the world has invested U.S.$2.9 trillion in renewable green energy sources, and 2018 was the consecutive year that global investment in renewables exceeded $200 billion. By 2030, renewable sources could provide as much as half of the world’s electricity production, offering excellent growth for investors.

DEFOES can facilitate institutional and private acquisitions of clean energy-related products, along with assisting to develop strategies that satisfies the growing demands in a sustainable way.